Additional Services

AOC Airfilter

Air Filters

We inspect your air filter at every oil change, having a clean contaminant-free air filter will ensure that your vehicle’s fuel economy and efficiency are optimum.

Fuel Filter

Fuel Filters

Fuel system components, especially on diesel vehicles can be expensive. That’s why it’s important to routinely replace your vehicle’s fuel filter, ensuring that harmful dirt and contaminants stay out of your fuel system.

Cabin air filter

Cabin Air Filters

The cabin air filter filters out pollen, bacteria, dirt & dust out of your vehicle’s HVAC system, keeping you and your passengers breathing easy. A dirty/ restricted cabin air filter can reduce airflow from the vents and it can also lead to unpleasant odors inside your vehicle.

AOC Fuelfilter

Transmission Fluid Service

Just like engine oil, transmission fluid needs to be replaced. Towing, driving in excessive heat, stop-and-go traffic? Our transmission fluid exchange service will keep your transmission from overheating, shifting poorly, and more importantly, failing. We recommend following manufactures recommend intervals when changing your transmission fluid.

AOC Airfilter

Fuel injection service

Sputtering, hesitation, and/or lost acceleration? Carbon deposits in your engine could be the cause. Fuel system service is designed to improve fuel economy, and emissions, and restore lost power. The service is designed to remove carbon deposits on intake valves, pistons, and fuel injectors.

AOC Airfilter

Engine Flush

Our Valvoline engine cleaning services help prolong engine life by removing sludge, deposits, and varnish from your vehicle’s engine prior to draining the old oil. Optimizing the ability of the new oil to perform.

AOC Airfilter

Coolant Service

Over time, coolant loses its protective properties. Our coolant exchange service removes old coolant and deposits and replaces them with new coolant to protect your radiator, water pump, engine, and more.

AOC Airfilter

A/C System Service

Our Valvoline A/C system Service is a two-step professional process that effectively cleans and deodorizes your vehicle’s HVAC system.

AOC Airfilter

Tire Rotation

Get the optimum life out of your tires, most manufacturers recommend rotating your tires every 5,000-7,500 miles.

AOC Airfilter

Battery Replacement

Being stranded with a dead battery is the worst. At every oil change, we inspect and check your battery for the proper output to power your vehicle. In some cases, we can tell you ahead of time if your battery is starting to fail. We proudly carry ACDelco, Motorcraft & Odyssey batteries that will keep you going. These brands offer some of the best nationwide warranty coverage.

AOC Airfilter

Wipers Replacement

Don’t jeopardize your vision. We carry premium Service Pro beam and Metal blades to keep your windshield streak-free!

AOC Airfilter

Differential and Transfer Case

Differential gearboxes operate in extreme temperatures, causing gear oil to thermal breakdown. We provide differential and transfer case fluid exchanges. This removes oil, fluid & deposits, keeping your differential and transfer case running smoothly.

AOC Airfilter

Pour In Fuel Tank Additives

We carry both Royal Purple & Valvoline Fuel additives for Diesel and Gasoline vehicles. It’s recommended around every other oil change to keep your fuel injectors and engine running at optimum efficiency.